Win a Coker!

In order to encourage skilled Coker riders to get involved in the new sport of Rolling Trials and to try and expand the skills of those who may be interested in the sport, I am sponsoring a contest. The prize is a stock Coker. You have to clean 4 Lines (on a Coker) in order to win a Coker. The four Lines are described in my post “Rolling Trials” (

If you don’t know what “cleaning a Line” means… read my post and you’ll find out. I hope to have to shell out the $$$ to buy someone a Coker in the next 6 months! The contest officially ends on: Saturday, July 16th.

Re: Win a Coker!

Now THAT is “hardcore”. Props to you.

Wow, very generous!

I laos have a coker but I might give it a go just for prize-less fun. Not that I’m expecting to be able to do it.


Ah, the paradox: I’d love to win a coker, but in order to do that, i must own one, thus eliminating my desire to have a coker. But to get that coker, I’d need to win it, which I can’t do without one.

I’ll give it a shot. If I ever get around to it.

True, in a sense. On the other hand:

  1. It may be possible (though fairly unlikely) to borrow a Coker.
  2. It’s always nice to have 2 Cokers :D.
  3. I’d be willing to substitute the Coker for another type of uni of equal value.

The big problem for you is that Philly is a pretty good distance form California, so the expense of getting to the ESPN X Games skatepark in Philly would probably make the contest unrealistic for you (unless you happen to be going to Philly anyway and you have the skills to nail those Lines given the limited amount of practice time you’d have while you were there).

I can borrow a coker and Philly is really close to my place in Philly.

That’s great! I’d really love to see you clean those Lines… that would be EXTREMELY inspiring to me and I believe it would launch you straight to the top of the Rolling Trials (Database) point standings, making you the foremost Coker pilot in the sport (for the “Database” competition). You’ve got plenty of time to practice! I really hope you can pull it off and I wish you the best of luck!

If you want to try and win the contest, but you’ve already got a Coker and don’t want another one, you can instead:

  1. Opt for an Airfoil wheelset with tire, tube, and cranks included, or
  2. Opt for a MUni or some other Uni of a wheel size other than a 36" that is approved for Rolling Trials competitions (24"x3", 26", 28" or 29")

Andrew (HCR)

Forgot to mention that the Muni or other Uni would also have to be of equivalent value to a stock Coker (or less)… and you pay the shipping expense.

Re: Re: Win a Coker!


Word of Caution for anyone going to the ESPN X Games skatepark in Philly to attempt to win the prize or simply just to ride for fun:

The surface of the floor is quite slick, so AVOID SHARP TURNS.

Thanks a lot, Tom.

Thanks a lot, Andrew. If anyone could do it, you’d be one of the guys at the top of my list! If you’re coming to the States (the East Coast) within the next 6 months and you can get to the ESPN X Games skatepark in Philly, you’ll have loads of fun there… and you might as well go for the prize, because it doesn’t have to be a Coker… it can be an Airfoil rim (with tire, tube, and cranks), or a MUni or other type of Uni of equal value to a stock Coker and of an approved wheel size for Rolling Trials (which hasn’t been finalized, yet… but it will be by the time you clean those Lines :D). Also, if you are coming to the States… let me know when (and where) because I’d love to have the opportunity to see you ride and ride with you!

i wish i had a coker…

Come to Philly and ride with us. You can borrow one of ours and try to win your own.

I won’t be in Philly until like next May though.

make a class for crutches, i cant uni :astonished:

I’ll be in Monroe Township, NJ in March. It’s about 45 minutes outside of Trenton, which isn’t too far from Philly.

But I can hardly manuever a 20 inch, so who am I kidding?

maybe you should have a rolling trials uni meet and do a contest. everybody could put in $10 as the entry fee, which could go to winning a coker. better yet, see if unicycle .com could give you a discounted price if you do some promote them while you are there.