willing to rent your uni?

I’m desperate for a unicycle that I can use till my KH24 arrives sometimes in late may. Is there anyone in the Maryland/Washington DC area with a unicycle laying around that they wouldn’t mind renting to me for a couple months? I dont really care what kind it is. Thanks so much.


im pretty desperate so virginia/delaware/lower parts of pennsylvania are okay too i guess. i’d drive over and pick it up, no worries. someone out there must have a unicycle they’re willing to rent for a bit.

Actually, if my memory is right, I think there’s a unicycle club in DC. They’re about to post here, methinks.

i do its a kh 24 gazz but i live in california sac

zack, when are you goin to have pictures of the summit? i should get my job soon, then ill be able to buy it