Will you still be riding when you're......

This thread is primarily geared to riders 20 years old and under, and for those who have already achieved a fairly high level of riding. This can include MUni, Trials, Street and/or flat.

Question: Do you think you will still be riding at your current level, below or above, into your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or beyond? Do you think you might simply “burn yourself out” after a certain amount of years doing extreme riding? And at what about what age do you think you might start “slowing down”, and your skills, stamina and drive either start diminishing, or you might make the decision to take things a bit more easy.

Ok Let’s hear from you! :smiley:

I’ll never quit. I’m not sure how long I’ll last doing Flat and Street(probably until I’m like 20-25), but I’ll be doing muni as long as I can.:slight_smile:

I wouldn’t consider my riding to be at a high level but I believe I will still be doing distance rides and MUni for many years to come.

I might slow down physically a bit but I think that technique gained with experience will more than make up for it.

I don’t really know. I kinda agree with Eric though.
But I’m probably going to quit riding, or at least doing extreme stuff, after I get married and start teaching and doing more shows and everything.
So it dosn’t really matter to me. XD

Umm… I would like to think until my life ends… but I can’t imagine a 156 year old riding (you read it correctly lol:D)
So I don’t know TBH.

Now I’m wondering if I had never taken 40+ years off from riding! If I’d continued from then on, would I have lost interest, burned myself out, racked up too many injuries, or worse?

A heck of a lot of changes take place during 40 years of living, not to mention continuous, almost daily hardcore riding! As it stands now, I really only have a little over three years of continuous riding, and only about one year way back in like 1966/67. Thoughts to ponder, indeed. :o

I’m probably a bit older than Terry was thinking, and I don’t claim to be that good at it, but having discovered unicycling relatively recently (about five or six years ago) I hope I’ll be able to carry on doing it for some time yet - certainly into my 50s, and hopefully even longer. My dad was still cycling to work until he retired, so genetically I think I’ve got a reasonable chance.


Yeah since I have so much “lost time” to make up for, I feel like I’ve only just begun in a lot of ways haha. I can see myself riding pretty much like I do now for at least another 10 years, then maybe back off the more extreme stuff since the old bones are more fragile lol.:stuck_out_tongue:

I think I will always be riding, just not in the same riding style.

I will probably be concentrating my riding like that :

16-30 years old : Street/Flat
30-40 years old : Trials
40-50 years old : Muni
50 + years old : Distance


14-30: Street and flat
30-35: Muni and street
35-50: Muni
50-55: Muni and Distance
55+: Distance

until they take my uni off me!

Haha good list; But at 53 (1/15/09) I’m kinda the opposite! I do mostly MUni and distance now but I want to add more traditional 19" trials & street stuff in the next few years. I must be crazy haha.:stuck_out_tongue:

I suck right now, but I like to think I’ll get slowly better at street/trials/flatland as I enter my 20’s and work my way through them. When I get up to 30’s and beyond, I dunno how much of the intense stuff I’ll do, but I’d really like to start getting into muni and distance and keep up with that as I get older and older. No matter how old and uncoordinated I get, I’d like to keep riding at least a little bit every few days.

+1 on that.

I would definitely like to be, but I’m not going to force it.

thats what i want to do.

I think i will ride for a long time to come but i will eventually reach a point where i cant learn new tricks and may forget the ones i have learned (very old)

25-85: Hell Yes. Commuting. Rest of Life.

If i screw up a knee, i will (eventually) have it fixed.

I think by the time I’m 30 I’ll be so injured that I will be unable to ride street as good as I can now. I’ll still ride though for sure (as long as I can).

I’ve been concerned about this issue for a while now but maybe I shouldn’t worry so much. At 49 I can still fall off quite a few things and get right back up again, but I don’t know how long that will last. In my case it’s a combination of childlike exuberance, competitiveness, conditioning, willingness to look stupid and still thinking I’m younger than I am. Hopefully FOREVER! :wink:

Haha a lot of that pretty much describes me as well!

Oh, and I think there’s a typo above your avatar; you have:
“Bruised by not detered!” I guessing you meant “Bruised but not detered!” :o