Will this work?

I have a 26" torker lx. I would like to ride a few easy trails and was wondering if I could put a different tire on it for better traction and it would work? Is this a waste of time and money? Suggestions?

Absolutely! Traction mostly isn’t a problem because you can’t help but have all your weight on the one tire. Even street tires work great most of the time, just so long as the surface isn’t too soft or slick. I don’t know how wide that Torker’s rim is, and you should take that into account in picking the tire and don’t go too wide, but you’ll never run out of 26" knobby tires to try and a lot of them are really cheap.

26in tires exists in all shapes & sizes and you can find some for cheap so the risks are limited here. Make sure you check how much clearance you have in your frame (with the current tire). MTB usually rides on tires between 2.2 & 2.4 :slight_smile:

I may even have some spare that needs to go :smiley:

I did this with my LX26 and use it for light muni. The frame will hold a 2.4" tire width, but it doesn’t have adequate height clearance for a large volume MTB tires (Continental Trail King, for example), so I had to use c-shaped shims between frame and bearings. Home Depot sells thin aluminium stock which works nicely – easy to cut, sand, and bend.

And if you are handy you can also install a cheap sidepull brake, which works fine.

Of course! That’s a great place to start. I started on a 26" lx as well. I think the first thing I’d upgrade besides the tire is the seat. I wish I had done that sooner. Also I changed to slightly shorter cranks with more offset. Something like 150 ish prowheel cranks are a good compromise. I was already attempting singletrack before I could freemount, lol. Have fun!

thanks!!! I have had a muni before but never got into the “drive to where you are going to ride” part. I always seemed to have a time issue. When I had time to ride it treasured. Now I am less time constrained so I am ready to muni a bit, I just don’t want to get another uni… bought 2 in the last 3 months!!

come on rem, i’m 3 for 3, jump on the wagon there’s room!

you need to change your screen name to “BigMoney”! :slight_smile: (sorry, that was jealousy talking:) )

Ha well the third one was a good deal off the forum if that helps any! :slight_smile:

Great thing about unicycles is that an expensive one is about the price of a half-decent novice bicycle. Or a not very posh weekend of skiing or golfing. We can feel like “BigMoney” buying them, then not really have spent that much looking back on it.

That’s at least until you get into the titanium stuff. Then it gets real. :astonished:

I have no idea about titanium… judging by that emoticon, I don’t want to!