Will this work and will it be good?

Hay there will this unicycle work, and will it be a good freestyle/flatland unicycle. Its realy light about 3.8kg.


What ever advice you can voice i will realy apreceate.

no rim tape or inner tube, and i presume you’ve got a miyata saddle to use for this?

Those pedals are atrocious; heavy, fragile, bad to fall on, uncomfortable to stand on. If you can afford them go for these, else get some good cheap plastics.

Otherwise good as far as I can see.

Different pedals, I’ve heard those are good, as well as odyssey pc’s (plastics). You might want to rethink if your don’t already have a miyata or even if you do, I hear the new seats like kh and koxx are alot better. You’ll also be able to get seat posts easier. I really do suggest getting a kh style seat. I hear the maxxis hookworm is an awesome tire, not sure about the holy roller.

If your more into flatland you might want to get yourself a 19in rim.

If you want plastics I recommend these, they are used by a few other riders on the forum as well. Really cheap and really nice. http://unicycle.uk.com/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=38

I would also recommend avoiding Miyata seatposts, stick with the standard, otherwise you are just limiting yourself too much in seatpost choices, and you can drill the seatbase for any type of post, so going with standard, is a lot easier.

I would get a different tire too, The holy roller sucks, i had it for my bike and didnt like it all, Its a dirt-only tire. Not good for freestyle. If you want a good freestyle tire here are some:


My fav:http://www.danscomp.com/444165.php?cat=PARTS



Man, the pedals I use aren’t on UDC anymore or UDC UK, but these would probably be quite similar. I like the rubber on the pedals.

Lol I recommend the Semcycle XL longneck frame :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, that’s the best freestyle frame. Maybe the Miyata Ti one is better, but it uses lollipop bearings and I’ve never tried it.

Edit: http://store.semcycle.com/product_info.php?cPath=8_10&products_id=171

Thanx guys for what youve sed so far i think i will get new pedals.
The reason i didnt want to get the nimbus freestyle x frame is because it appears to have a very small fork and i thought that would be hard to stand on. What does any one think of this.