will this muni wheelset work?

24" tryall rim 36 holes

spokes, will have to figure out length later

KH 24" frame

Nokian Gazzaloddi 24" by 3"

Kris holm splined hub and 150mm. cranks

magura hydrolic brakes

nokian gazzaloddi DH tube

will it all work together?

ps. I’m not sure if this makes a difference, but I’m going to probably be using a nimbus gel seat and KH seatpost. I’m considering getting the thomson post with derial base though.

You may have trouble getting the brakes to sit far enough out for the extremely wide rim. Also I think the newer KH frames aren’t supposed to fit a gazz.

Really? I have trouble beliving that. What if I got the old frame?

Just get a Duro tire as opposed to the Gazz. As for the brake, it may take a bit of work but it should fit the rim as seen in This pic of the K1 Track monster with Magura.

why the duro? As far as I know, there are 3 MUni tires on UDC that are 3" wide. The Duro, The gazz, and some japanese one. which is better?

There is also the IRC Kujo DH which is what i run on my Muni.

But i said Duro because id rather bea safe than sorry and if the KH Frame wont fit a Gazz then you would definately be sorry.

I have seen a new kh with a gazz so it will fit and trials uni that pic proves nothnig thats a defrent frame. I know my mags are close on my kh rim so it would be realy tight

how do you like the Kujo?

yea, the tryall rim is like 5 mm. wider. It doesn’t seem like alot, but it is.

Don’t use the KH hub, its very weak compared to other splined hubs/cranks.

I reccomend Koxx or Profile.

Edit, that was Evan posting. I (spencer) have the 05 kh hub and cranks on my trials uni and mine is doing fine but I have seen alot of people with bent cranks and stuff.

Completely agreeing with Evan here, except for the profile bit… if you’re smart you’ll save money and go for the Koxx hub/crankset, it’s cheaper than the KH and it won’t bend as fast aaaaaaand it doesn’t have hurty bits on the cranks. I think the 2006 frame will fit a gazz, and the 2005 wouldn’t, not sure though, just ask unicycle.com before ordering. You sure you want to go for a 3" tire though, they’re pretty heavy, I might be switching to 24x2.6" myself.

I like the KH cranks because They are angled more than the koxx. also, I don’t think I’ll be breaking any hubs anytime soon(I weigh 80pounds with full pockets) but I’ll look at the koxx. I want the 3" tire for drops, hops, grip, and other stuff. If I don’t like it I can always switch to a skinnier one.

About the Kujo…Its a nice tire. Very sturdet sidewalls with pinchflat resit foam. Nice tread pattern too. id buy a second one for my Muni when this one is dead.

thanks. I has anyone ever used the tryall 24" tire with the KH frame?


Where are you getting that 24" Tryalll rim??


it took my sooooo long to find.