Will this koxx frome fit on the koxx trials rim?

ok well i was wandering if the freestyle frame by koxx is compatible with a trials rim?

here are the parts

this frame

this wheelset

plz help me i dont wanna make a stupid mistake and buy these parts together.

Well if you buy each of those you will still need a wheel… But i guess if thats what you want its good. With two frames you wont get in much riding though. Just my opinion of course.

Yeah, Cody used that frame with a trials wheel, he used little rubber shims in the bearing holders to move the frame up a few mm.

It was really heavy but I think he had the longest one.

well im 5 8-9 i dont really know so im nt outragiously tall. and since i weigh 200lbs (im not obese cause i can bench my own weight) i need a strong and i mean STRONG rim and everything. oo yah tim i know that i need a tire and whatever i was just wandering if theyll fit.

i suggest getting an 07 kh wheel.

they have stronger rims than the koxx wheels, as well as nicer cranks.

at least in my opinion.

well considering what cody did to his KH rim…
strengh is debateble

but that was a 24" rim

I would say get a Koxx wheel set, they’re just as good, if not better than KH

decide wether u want qfactor or not. KH has it, koxx doesnt. Everytime i ride a uni with qfactor i keep thinking something is bent, but thats just cause im used to it.

Get whatever u can get for cheaper / is easier. Both are good. KH is true isis so thats a bonus if u want to buy cheaper qu-ax cranks, but most people stick to 140/137mm cranks for trials/street (and 3mm doesnt make a difference enough to make it a deciding point… the afactor is what makes the two cranks feel very different.)

He was also missing a spoke, and I don’t care what you say, that affected its strength.

If I were you I would go for an undrilled rim.

Codys complaint about the undrilled tryall rim is that its so heavy. Go for an alex dx-32. Strongest 19" rim imo.

it did affect the strength. not enough to say that the rim would not have been messed up.

i agree with evan. go with an alex dx32 rim

i got both rims and i think they are both real strong either way but then again i only weigh like 120lbs…

I ride on a alex dx-32 and I wish it were wider, the tire folds pretty easily.

i think i go wit the undrilled rim i havent seen the alex dx 32 but if you say it the tire folds easy on then i say the tryal undrilled was the better option it may be heavy but i think u get used to it quickly. rather it be heavy than have the tire folding all the time:)

well you could go for a nimbus rim (KH06/05) they are 42.2mm wide so abit wider but undrilled so nice and strong.

At 30psi I havent had any problem with my tire folding on an alex dx-32

Mine only does it when its a new tire. After a week or somthing of riding on it, it stops. Kinda weird.

30 psi is a lot though, most riders run alot softer. I run at 28psi last time i checked, but atm i just lost a spoke so i’m runing softer cause my tyre is rubbing and basically i should get a new rim before i screw my tyre / frame up (i recon my tyre will go before the frame though :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh my GOD 2psi is an OVERWHELMING difference.