will this hub and rim go together

am looking at mating a
Kris Holm 24-inch Mountain Rim with a
Profile Poznanter Hub
but I am just wondering if these will fo together as the hub is drilled out for 14 gauge spokes and the rim is drilled out for 13 gauge spokes am just wondering if there is a way hopefully without drilling out the hub slightly more to get the two to match otherwise i just gonna have to end up getting the
Nimbus 24-inch Muni Rim
to mate with the hub
any ideas anyone has anyone attempted matching the kri king rims with other 14 gauge hubs?
what have your result been?

They should work, I don’t think that using 14G spokes with a rim drilled out for 13 would be a big deal and i bet that 13G spokes would be able to fit in the profile hub, the difference is really only 0.3mm not much at all.

If you are really worried you can get washers to put under the nipple heads when using 14G spokes.