will this headlamp be ok for muniing?

Hey, Skippi, where’d you get those? I’d like to have one of those on my Coker (I ride to work at midnight a lot :astonished: ) for much better visibility to car drivers.

found the comparisons on this site
very instructive (you have the same pic with different lighting systems).
wasn’t aware a headlamp could cost that much!

Search Ebay for Cold Cathode. They seem to have the best prices, and big colour selection. (about $10 including shipping for 2 lamps and the inverter.)
They’re meant for geeks to put inside their acrylic computer cases. Chop off the computer power cable, and attach it to a battery holder. Radio shack has them for 8 AA batteries (8X1.5volts=12V) but I use NiMH rechargeables (1.2v), so I find they last a lot longer with a 10X battery holder. Experience has shown that if you run it higher than about 18V it’ll catch fire, so stick with 12.
Then get one of these holders
If you get the second one, get these snaps as well to connect the lights to the batteries. They’re all basically the same, except for the shape, but they all fit the battery holder.
If you want to recharge all your batts at once, get two.
Then, get ten rechargeable NiMH batteries of as high a mAh rating you can find. Walmart has the Digital 2200mAh 4-pack for $6.30, though I use the more expensive Engergizer 2500s.

Nothing beats clear packing tape for attaching your lights and batteries to the uni. Right now I’ve got the light on the left fork facing forward and the other facing back for all-around saftey/visibility purposes. I’ve taped all the batteries in the holder (otherwise you’ll loose them all in a UPD and never find them in the dark) and then taped the holder just under the seat in the back of my uni.

To turn the lights on, just connect the snap on the holder; pull it off during the day.
To recharge, hook up your spare snap to a 12V power supply. You’ll actually want it to be able to charge the batts up to 14 volts (1.2v is a pretty conservative rating, they’re about 1.4 when they’re fully charged.) Mine’s a 6-amp car battery charger, but I’ll only draw 1amp (therefore, it takes 2.5 hours to fully charge the batteries)
Otherwise, you’ll have to take the batteries out and charge them in a standard battery charger.

Of course, Mouser sells the neon lights as well, in many sizes, but just in white. I don’t think they include the inverters, though.