Will these work....

I need to get a new set of cranks for my Torker LX. I would like to get a actual trials unicycle in the future when the funds become available, but right now I am just working with what I got.

I broke my original pair of Torker crank arms, and replaced them with some cheapo no-names. Needless to say I broke those too. Now, I would like to replace them with the (Cotterless) Nimbus Venture Alloy Crank Set . Since they are cotterless I thought they might work, and seem like the best quality cotterless cranks you can buy.

Aside from those, I wanted to replace my Torker’s 20"tire with an http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=1150

Would these upgrades work?


If those cranks are not too long for you, they should work.

I guess the tire will work, but I don’t have much experience with unicycle tires. Normally, 20" tires will go on 20" unicycles…

Do the words “Not recommended for heavy jumping” fit with your plans? That’s what it says on the product page you linked to. Other than that, square taper cranks are universal so they’ll fit.

But don’t replace broken steel cranks with alloy cranks unless you want some broken alloy cranks eventually. You’ll get your best “bang” (and usually less bucks) with steel.

No opinion on the tire, but it looks cool.

Steel cranks? The LXs come with aluminum alloy cranks. Unfortunately, I haven’t really heard any decent user reviews so I can’t give a decent recommendation on the ventures. I have had good success with the ProWheel alloy cranks that udc sells. I can’t say wether or not the ventures are enough better to justify the cost.

Maybe you should ride differently

The stock Torker cranks are not really a mismatch with that hub. Replacing the stock cranks with something a lot stronger, may just allow you to break the hub, instead of bending the cranks.

Like John said, all cotterless cranks will fit anything cotterless. You can tell the max tire width your uni can fit with a tape measure.

Those parts look good, but expensive. I think Mr Crank bender might be happier saving money for a good deal on a trials uni. Until then, give that tired Torker a break, and ride free style stuff.

Prowheel cranks are stronger (out of 127 mm ATM)

If you break the hub replace it w/ this (much stronger). If you are careful when removing the broken hub, you can reuse the spokes.

Haha, thanks. I think I will take that advice.

Thanks for the help.