Will theres Fit on a 2006 Kh20''

Hey Im new to unicycling so dont make fun of me lol

I am looking at buying a 2006 KH20"
But have been told that the cranks on can be really painful?
Thought maybe different cranks could maybe help i was think moments.
Will they fit or wat will be better??

These are the cranks on it

This is the bit that hurts

If theres already a Thread on here about this, can you send it to me because i cant seem to find it.

Thank you



If its an Isis splined hub then moments will prob fit but wait for a confirm on that.

I would just ride it as is and get some hightops or ankle protection

That looks like a Profile Hub/Crankset. You could try:

or upgrade the hub to a Nimbus or Kris Holm ISIS hub and then any ISIS splined cranks would work. Good luck.

You need to upgrade your hub to get new cranks. That hub will only fit kh/onza cranks, moments use a different spline interface (The way the crank connects to the axle is different.)

wow, really guys…
its a KH/ONZA hub… there are no replacement cranks for it that do not have nubs AS FAR AS I KNOW

i would suggest digging up one of the threads with instructions on how to De-nub cranks … and replace your bolt with a rounded-head bolt after de-nubbing the cranks.

Thanks For Your Help Guys

I think im going to de-nub it coz i have acess to the tools:)
And when i get some more money i will get a New KH ISIS hub and moment cranks

Does anyone know if i can get roundhead bolts in Australia? And where?

Thanks guys

I would soooo buy those from you.
When you get your new cranks tell me,
we could split the shipping cost maybe?

Try reading before blasting.
I told him IF its an ISIS splined hub.
That means if it is not, moments will not fit

i read it right…
your post wasn’t all bad, but it didn’t exactly answer his question… i doubt he knows (knew) what isis is.

edit: oh, at the original poster, you don’t have to de-nub them yet, you won’t need to worry about it until you are jumping around a bit… i don’t know your skill level…