Will the Unistar DX be too heavy for my 12 y/o?

I am trying to find the right unicycle for my son (12 y o, 5 ft, 78 lbs) who is anxious to start trials…

He is not a beginner - can wheelwalk idle go backwards hop but only has a beginner cycle and it is time for a bigger better one.

I know we will need to cut down the post. Just concerned about the weight of the DX. Like the price compared to the other trials - we can’t afford those yet.

Thanks for any advice!

Nope, not too heavy! Many of us here on the fora grew up on those things!

More people should have a mom like you :slight_smile: . There are too many posts by kids about “my parents won’t let me buy a good unicycle…”

Naw, it’ll be fine for him…worst thing that could happen is he’ll be a little stronger soon!

no weight isn’t that noticable. despite that fact many people complain about it or thin that it is.
most pros rode a heavy uni (profiles) at some point or another and it didn’t affect them. should affect your son either

Aw, unimama. I wish I had a unimama.

Nope, the weight won’t be a problem.

search around for a good deal though, you may be able to save some money… it is probably available at your local bike shop as well.

Yeah, I would say don’t pay much more than $250, if that. My local bike store plays on the fact that people won’t know how much it will cost, and charge around $350.

thanks everybody! you guys are great! I am sure I will be back for more:)

giggle giggle

My 12 year old son rides a 20" DX… He is about 4’9ish, and about 80 lbs… We didn’t have to cut the frame down… but the seat is right on the frame… It would be nice if he had another inch or three, but I am expecting him to grow… :wink:

He only has problems with the weight when we go on a longish uphill hike when we are muni-ing… he gets tired of pushing it… :wink: Otherwise… he’s fine doing drops and jumps and stuff… He also idles, one wheels, rides backwards… Does skinnies… Makes me look like a newb…

Now, on my 24" DX… the frame is too tall for him… he can barely ride it even with the seat all the way down, as he has to extend his toes to reach the pedals at the bottom…

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Okay I ordered it for $249 including shipping… couldn’t find it any cheaper
Now he can’t wait!

and stop those giggles or no dessert!