Will the typical gel bike cushion work on a unicycle??

I still haven’t goten a uni yet but, and am looking towards getting a LX 20’. I’ve heard it has a really bad seat that’s hard and stuff but i have a bike cushion…I’ve seen the shape of a uni seat and have been wondering… Will the typical bicycle cushion fit on a unicycle?? For all those are who are angry at me for making some threads and telling me to use the search button, I did and didn’t find this topic. If you do find a topic like this I’ll be happy to delete this thread and go to that thread. Since you probally won’t find anything like me, just remember this: You’re not going to be able to see this thread in a couple days or even for the rest of today, so don’t complain I’m already sick of it…

Nope, it won’t work. Unicyclists have to do a lot for forward-backward corrections in order to stay upright, since we don’t have 2 wheels to do that for us. Thus we need a seat that’s fat at the front and back so that it doesn’t slip out from under us while we’re doing all of the correcting. Sorry, buddy.

You can get cheap unis for $150, and they’ll do you just fine for the first while until you really learn to ride hard and decide whether it’s worth buying a $500 uni.

You might want to try modifying the LX seat if you’re not interested in buying a new saddle all together.

Try this link for an example: http://www.unicycling.org/airseat/

uhm before worrying wether the LX saddle is bad, ride your uni, get some cycling shorts, ride it for a month to get used to a saddle (because it will hurt more to start with)

and after alot of riding, come back and mayeb get a better one. But you will find every single saddle uncomfortable to start with

The end.

Do you think that affects your ability to ride and stay on the seat easily?

I spoke with Phil briefly in person about his seat (didn’t try it out though) and he didn’t say anything about it affecting his riding. He did note that it is extremely comfortable (especially with the extra foam underneath, which I don’t think he had in that thread (you do have foam under it, don’t you Phil?).