Will suzue or Semcycle hub fit in KH Unicycle?

My nephew has a KH 24". He’d like to mount a 26 inch wheel with a Nokian studded tire for ice riding this winter. However, we don’t want to buy a second KH hub.

Will a KH take a Suzue hub? How about a Semcycle Deluxe Hub?

Has anyone else out there already mounted a 26 inch wheel in the KH 24 frame? I’m thinking of a Sno-Cat rim. Any problems? It looks as if there is plenty of room.


David Maxfield
Mitchell, South Dakota

I’ve used a 26" X 2.5 Hookworm with no clearance problems. I’ve also mounted a 26 x 2.4 WTB Motoraptor. From what I remember that one was close on the top.
As far as the hub, try the new wide hub from uni.com with the bearing adapters for the 40mm size.
The bearing spacing on the Suzue is too narrow.

  • Frank