Will Rogers the unicyclist

P.Lister@cranfield.ac.uk (Peter Lister Email: p.lister@cranfield.ac.uk) wrote:

>The great roper Will Rogers learned to unicycle after a troupe of trick
>cyclists added roping to their act. Within a few days he was a better
>unicyclist than the opposition. So it is possible, if you’re as good as Will
>Rogers, anyway. I believe he could Texas Skip (i.e. jump through a
>loop) on his uni. I can’t even bunny hop or Texas Skip, though I’m trying both.
>Not at the same time.

This is fascinating. I just saw the Will Rogers Follies a few weeks ago in
Atlantic City, and it was a great show. A former member of my former club (the
Long Island Unicyclists) tried out for the trick roping part in that show. His
name is John Gionotti (Johnny Lonestar), and he now performs trick roping in a
show called Country Tonite in Branson, Missouri. He can Texas Skip on a
unicycle, but it took him quite a while to start to learn.

I’m interested to know more about Will Rogers’ involvement with unicycles. From
where do you know of him riding? Can you name any books or films where this is
documented? If so, JeanPaul Jenack (just down the street from where I currently
am residing) undoubtedly has them.

Thank you for your time.

John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone unicycle@aol.com