Will Riley spring 2011



Wow! Huge tricks! Some really creative riding too! I loved the no-handed 360 down the stairs!

Nice style. Creativity was sick, I really liked the flip-front scuffcoast thing, and the latefifthdub was so late :astonished:

Yeah Willard, steezy riding. Love it, makes me feel like coming to Connecticut :wink:

Soooooooo good!!!

that was awesuuuuum!

what was that music?

Very creative! :slight_smile: Outfifthdouble and late fifthdouble were sick :smiley:

loved all of it will!

Sick man, love it, tripple side flip was amazing!:slight_smile:

willy :smiley:
awesome vid!! sick tricks and I like the slomo(with the HD camera^^)

This was so hot !

Huge tricks!

It was hard to control myself when I saw this video!

youtube at all? my net doesnt like loading whole videos on UTV…

I stopped watching cause it was too much interlaced.flip 180 was my favourite part.

YOUTUBE link :wink:


nicely done Mr Riley. however i cant say i enjoyed the music. also the hop down a 6 set is slightly out of place, i mean its is literally a beginner trick compared to the other stuff you’re doing. no handed 360 down the 3 set was… amusing i guess could be the word haha.
anyway there was some sweet riding in there dude! nice work :slight_smile:

A lot of the tricks you did were both extraordinary and clean, which is an unusual combination. The pedals flips so fast and nice when you do fliptricks.

:slight_smile: Will

amazing will…so so good :slight_smile: loved everything. would be nice to see some more street :stuck_out_tongue: but love your flatland style also!

Will, your style is the best.

I LOVED the late fifth!

That was a latefifthdouble, man :astonished:

wtffffffffff I don’t understand how that’s possible, so clean too!