Will Riley flat day

just broke out my camera after school, haven’t really done any flat this year, sorry about the quality and mediocre riding. Enjoy :smiley:

medicore riding, Mate thats pretty damn mint.

sick, you’re getting really good. can’t wait to ride with you again.

when i grow up i wanna be Will Riley!!!

Dude your amazing!!!

Love ya dude. no homo. lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Dudeeeee… You’re so good at flat :astonished: Inspired me to start doing rolls again :stuck_out_tongue:

Bedford sponsorship?

edit: This video makes me really excited for NAUCC. And you’re also never allowed to rate your own riding ever again. It makes some people feel bad :stuck_out_tongue:

oh whats with ur new tricks :smiley: ?
but nice done,i really love ur tripls :wink:

Hello, Nice Flatland tricks :wink:

hahah I agree with Max, Kevin and Eli. Love your riding, Love you(no homo), can’t wait to ride with you again at NAUCC. haha