Will Riley fall 2011

Heres my fall video!

Sick video! I tried the trick at 2:09 one day. Had a bad crash with it. Didn’t want to try again. Good to see that somebody nailed it.

Dude you are now my favourite rider that was insane!!! :astonished:

so much style :open_mouth:

I loved every combo, especially the one with the 450 flip and the one with the footchanges and the x roll. Plus the tech flips :open_mouth:

Can you please upload it on yotube?

U tube!

I’ve already told you this, but this video is just sick. You’ve got one of the best flat styles of anyone.

OMG :open_mouth: this video is sick !! :smiley:

Just one thing is wrong in this video… it’s too short!

YouTube indeed


Thanks for posting it Will.

Great video, the fist sej a very clean. Creative combo’s to man! I love it. :slight_smile:

loving it²:)
so clean, big, creative,…

  • nice editing and music!