Will Riley end of 2010

This is really old, but i just made it public, enjoy please!

Awesome! The late tricks, combos and everything else were great! Seat forward 900s look so good and the fullouttripleflip was amazing. It’s also cool that you are so consistent with such hard tricks.

That was cool! Fullouttripleflip was awesome, first in the world? and 3 quadflips in a row! :smiley: why is this first released now?

hey guys thanks, In response to christian I forgot it existed i filmed it between 2 days after christmas. and I think kisz landed a full out triple on flat before me.

omg i love you,my favourite flatlander and if you did street you would be my favourite street rider

Sad… But it is still freaking awesome :smiley:

Really good vid :smiley:

How many tials unis do you have? I’ve seen you on 4 in your vids. Why so many? Or did you sell all the others?

Duuude I think I’ve seen all of these clips before :stuck_out_tongue: Still sick, there’s no way to not love your style. Go make a video of all new footage :wink:

i only have one unicycle really, I have a really bad habit of breaking frames… that is the only part that has changed within the last few months. also i borrowed a Qx one, rode a kh for a while, broke it, rode the QX again, then received an impact frame :stuck_out_tongue:

Your style blows my mind, freaking awesome.

I love late backwards flipping spin tricks… :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything was amazing though :slight_smile:

Sick, your tricks are amazing man!

holy $h!t, it’s amazing :astonished:
i’did’nt like the music so much but thats mine opinion, i’m realy jealous for your attic, you can ride with every weather :roll_eyes:

(srry for bad inglish