Will Riley 2011

Filmed and edited by Brett Cooper, a name you’ll probably be hearing a lot of! http://unicycle.tv/video/1311-WillRiley2011

Awesome! Great editing, filming and riding! Nice x-up overflip too!

oh my god Will Riley. FIRST EVER WILL RILEY VIDEO WITH GRINDS! X up over was awesome, trey out of ledge was sick. Was that a triple up the 3??!!? your too ill.

Loving the street! Triple up 3?! Insanity…the late inwards varial flip was really nice too…

Brett did an awesome job on the filming and editing also! :slight_smile:

youtube or vimeo pleeeease!

Download link for non-flash people:


UTV is too slow :frowning: I can never get any vids to load on it

That’s strange I get 3 MB/s, enough to load the entire thing in a couple of seconds.

Your ISP must be to blame.

I don’t think so. I think it has to do with the server being in Europe or whatever, so for you guys it’s all good, but for us people living on a different continent the connection isn’t as good.

Will!! That was so sick, loved the fact you rode and filmed a lot of street!
You had some crazy lines in there, I liked Bretts edit too!!

I find you have so much style with your on tire combos. Especially when you whip em up one footed!

I liked the grind to bluntslide, it just sucks the down box (looked) kinda sticky, and maybe lacked wax? Hehe

Can’t wait for ur next vids man. Love em all.:slight_smile:

wow will, great video! Your technical skill is just :astonished: but you make everything look so easy. If you took some of those flip tricks down some bigger obstacles it would be beyond amazing.

Not true! It takes longer time for me to load a video than the video actually lastes… Sometimes it’s even faster downloading it… :stuck_out_tongue:

All of your combos look great. I really enjoy your sideways wheelwalk/flip combos. Its really cool to see you doing more street riding too, you have some nice potential there.

I dunno, there’s definitely will riley style trapped inside all the tricks, but it can’t have really been him. 1:25, 2:55, and 3:03 give it away.

Very good video, good filming and editing :slight_smile: and nice tricks :slight_smile: .

Glad Everyone likes the video !