Will my tube fit my tire?

First of all, my red Primo tire is coming today, but I just noticed something that might be a problem. The tire I have on now is a 1.95" Kenda Kikzumbut and the Primo The Wall that I’m getting today is a 1.85." So my question is, will the new tire fit the old tube? If not, do you think my LBS would have a 20" x 1.85" tube? Thanks in advance!

Yes it will fit, as most tubes will expand to a certain size and fill upto a 2.25" tyre.

Great, thanks Gayno! Do you others think it’ll fit, too?

[personal_threadjack] Gayno, are you really gay? If so, that’s absolutely awsome with me and I’m glad you have the courage to be so proud of it! :slight_smile: I was just wondering because of your avatar and name. [/personal_threadjack]


Unfortunately I am not gay!

My surname is “Gayne” so Gayno is my nickname.

And as soon as i found that avatar I just had to have it! it’s one of the best animated gif’s I’ve come across!

But thank you to drawing everyone’s attention to this point, and the whole world can now rest in peace knowing that Gayno is straight :wink:

Unfortunately? I’ve never seen a straight guy before complaining about his not being gay. :smiley:


Re: Will my tube fit my tire?

Why don’t you just TRY IT FIRST, THEN POST LATER if you have problems? How did the first unicyclists ever put together their 'cycles, before the Internet, hmmm? By posting on the local drugstore bulletin board and waiting for someone to tell them what to do?

Do you think you can open a phone book, call your LBS, then ask them yourself? Do you think we’d even know WTF your LBS is, or what they stock? Do you ever think at all, or do you always depend on others to think for you?

I challenge you to leave your computer off, for at least a week, and complete 1) learning a new uni skill 2) swapping / installing a uni part you haven’t touched before and 3) having a live conversation with another person, heck, maybe two. Once you’ve completed these, please start a thread, even two threads for each of your experiences during your “time off”. Who knows, you might actually learn something new ON YOUR OWN!

Heck, on my 24" muni, I have a 24x2.1" regular old walmart tube, with a 2.6" kendakollosal DH tire.

Re: Re: Will my tube fit my tire?


Tyler your tube will be fine. I think I’m riding 2.125, or 2.25 or something in my 2.5 Luna. Its rubber and it will stretch.

Maestro8, calm down. So he asks a lot of questions. Were you ever 11?

Drewation, I don’t think you have ever made a useful post.


So lets see here.

One thread about wich tire to buy

One thread asking wich color

One saying its on its way

One asking how to change that tire

One asking about the tube for the tire

DId I get that right?

never? http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&postid=315375#post315375 i posted this 2 mins ago is it not useful? :thinking: :roll_eyes:

Well thats one. “Never” was an exageration. You really need to stop worrying about Tyler it seems. He doesn’t affect you in any real way. Yeah, he’s annoying sometimes - so what.

Seems like forrestunifreak should too. Tyler you should contract him to right you a bio, he seems to follow your exploits fairly closely.

I hate when I get caught up in this junk.


I try not to…I was going to delete that last post, but it wont let me…

It happens.


you chose to get caught up in it cant you IGNORE IT like everybody else tell me? :thinking: :roll_eyes:

Hi pot, I’m kettle. My, you’re black too!

Maestro8, haha, good point. But my comment wasn’t nearly as aggressive as yours.

Drew, I normally do ignore it. Thats the difference between you and me.


Tyler sorry for ruining your thread but the answer is yes. Don’t worry about it.

thats the stupidest thing i have heard in a while

you already said that and this thread was ruined when tyler asked if gayno was gay :roll_eyes: . plus its a bike tube what do they cost 5.00$? really if it doesnt fit take it back :roll_eyes: please dont tell me you bought a tube thats designed from like unicycle.com and payed to have it shipped to you and stuff? :thinking:

Okay, Forrest and Maestro, I’m going to stay calm as I always do, but I’m going to say that you need to calm down and ignore it. It amazes me how immature and irrational your philosophy on this is. Think of it this way: I’ve never hurt you. I’ve never bashed anyone. I’ve never started a flame war. I’ve never ever yelled or cussed or bashed you or anyone else in any way on these forums. The ignore button is a very useful thing, and that’s why I’m pushing that button for the both of you. I wish someone would please back me up on this, I’m sure many on here see my point. Maestro and Drewation, you both ruined the whole thread for everyone. This never would have come up if you would have ignored it and possibly given some useful advice. This is probably a thing that not many people say, but I am begging you to please put me on your ignore list and then the conflict would be over.