Will mass appeal wreck unicycling? (was:Anyone Tried to get a good Unicycle game out?)

> Checkernuts.6hges@timelimit.unicyclist.com writes:[color=darkred]
> > > I dont know, I’m not sure if I agree with you guys that if Unicycling
> > increases in popularity we will loose high end equipment, or even that
> > it will cost more. Look at Snowboarding for example…[/color]

>ChxWitBrix@aol.com writes:
…Personaly, I still feel It would be better left alone. I think, the
> equipment we have, may not be the highest technology, and it may have its
> flaws, but i think we do pretty good at the moment…but at the same time forums like this
> still exist that would be impossible with a larger sport…I just
> think it would loose most of its best qualitys, with not neirly enough
> redemtion…

OK but I don’t personally think that will be a problem. Two examples within other sports:
1)Telemark skiing- a harder free-heeled version of skiing that somewhat similar relations to
Alpine skiing as unicycling compares to bikiing. This sport has roots in the historic origins of
skiing, but as recently as 10 years ago the equipment was incredibly primitive compared to Alpine
skiing due to lack of popularity. A large increase in popularity over the past 10 years has led
to better equipment but the sport still has not lost its grassroots appeal. I telemark ski, and
when I run into other (still relatively rare) telemarkers a a ski resort, there’s always a
camraderie there that was lost to Alpine skiing back in the 70’s.

  1. Rock climbing. Rock climbing used to be “alternative”. Now it’s relatively mainstream and
    definately considered “fashionable”. But with the arguable exception of some sport-climbing
    circles, there is still a grassroots appeal to this sport that has never been lost- no matter how
    good you get your just another person hanging out at the cliff with your friends.

When unicycling equipment is good, cheap, and it’s easy for people to find friends to ride with,
no matter where you live, then unicycling will be big enough.

-Kris Holm.

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Re: Will mass appeal wreck unicycling? (was:Anyone Tried to get a good Unicycle game out?)

Someone mentioned that forums like rec.sport.unicycling wouldn’t exist
with a larger sport but, to use the example of rec.bicycle.tech, I don’t
think that is necessarily the case. True, rec.bicycle.tech should really be
named rec.roadbicycle.tech but regardless, it’s still a forum made up of a
bunch of regulars, a few occasional posters, and many many lurkers (like