will KH Saddle bumper fit a viscount?

Speed, speed, and more speed!
My 110mm cranks are coming tomorrow, WHOA WHOO!
Meanwhile while attempting to break the 15mph speed barrior, I had couple severe UPD on my Coker; once while trying to beat a red light on an intersection, OUCH!. Whoever recommended I get the wrist, knee-guards, and backpack… THANKS! You saved me from broken bones and contusions! :slight_smile:
Anyway, all this UPD has sratched up and tore the screws off my viscount saddle bumper. I want a more durable bumper to add to my converted viscount gel seat. Will the KH bumper fit?

I would say no. I cant be sure, but probally not.

The torker DX bumper wont fit on the schwinn seat, and the DX bumper is pretty much the same as a KH, and Viscount bumpers are the same as schwinn bumpers, so…

I would think not.

I would say that for the sake of your butt, not to get a handle for your viscount but to splurge $40 and get a full KH seat.

he’s got a viscount GELL seat though, so it’s probably already pretty comfortable

A KH handle does fit a Viscount. A Viscount is one of the best trials saddles in my opinion.


If you are talking about the rear bumper, the answer is no. The KH bumper does not wrap nearly as far around as the Viscount and it leaves unfinished parts of the saddle exposed. It also does not fit over the screw bosses in the saddle base.


Yeah, I left the original Viscount rear bumper on mine.

These have a tendency for the screws to come loose. It can be easily fixed with the correct size pop-rivit.


Cool, so I will order a KH bumper right away for my Viscount.
The front bumper is the one that takes much abuse anyway, so I will leave the rear bumper.
And yes my Trisco GEL seat covered viscount is VERY comfortable.

Not KH bumper, its a handle. But I think you can get a freestyle KH bumper with no handle if you really want to.

You will have to cut off the 2 screw receivers on the front.
Pull back the cover and foam.
Drill the four holes for the bolts.
Put the bolts in.
I then hot glued the cover back in place.(it keeps in stretched tight in place until the handle is bolted on)
Bolt on and go.

oh man

Oh gosh.
Hey pdc, that sounds like alot of work to put the bumper on(it does look great though!).
I am mechanically-challeged, so I am not sure if I can do the drilling and bolting. :frowning:

It’s about a 30 minute job. If you put the handle in place and mark for the holes you can find someone to drill them for you.
Use 1/4" or 5/16" carriage bolts.

I have a KH handle on my Viscount air seat. It’s easy to put on and it works well. There’s some photos I took while making the air seat in my gallery; http://gallery.unicyclist.com/Photos-from-unicus