will kh leg armor work with beefy calfs

will kh’s work with really beefy calfs ? i know it’s hard to find ski boots that fix me in a 10.5
my calf are really big cuz i’m a big guy
i just measured there circumfrences is about 19 in will a kh xl leg armor fit me??

i need to know like fast i want to order them

I have size XL 661 4x4’s, they are too big for me quite a bit (I had to shorten the straps to make them tight). I have 16" calves.
Here it shows 4x4’s being about the same as the KH armour, in shin length atleast. And here is shows you need size XL 4x4’s. I reckon XL would fit, but you might want to go up to XXL to be sure.

Oh and MUDC say “This Leg Armor are a bit smaller as normal - please choose in the case of doubt a size bigger …” I’m assuming they are comparing them to 4x4’s.

BTW my 4x4’s were the right size when I first got them and had ~19" calves. :slight_smile:

i mean 19 circumference of your calf not how long you leg is