will KH frames take koxx splined hubs and cranks?

exactly what the title says. Does it work, do I have to modify the bearing holders?

Yes, it works! no modifications required (a french shop even included such a model in it’s catalog)

yep, they bothe have the same bearing size. If the spacing isn’t the same, a simple spacer can be put on, but im pretty sure it will work with no spacer.

www.municycle.com sells such a cycle

I can’t read german:) I’m pretyt sure UDC.uk sells one thats called the big bubba trials or something. thx


WOOT! 600 posts!!!

lol, thats nice… because municycle.com is in english by default :stuck_out_tongue:
they used to sell the “big bubba” trials but its not there anymore, if someone want one then try email roland and see if he can make one up


I dont have KH frames on stock so I cant offer the Big Bubba yet …
I think it will come back in the end of the summer.