will it survive?

I’ve been cruising around on my uni and I finally found a set of five steps and I want to gap them. (or whatever you call it when you jump over all of them). The only problem is I don’t know if my uni would survive the impact. If you measured the drop it’s almost 4 feet. Normally something like this would be ok. But recently I’ve been hearing rattling from my hub when doing drops and I’ve checked every bolt and nothing’s loose so could this rattling be a weakness in the hub?

depends what uni you’ve got, specify and maybe someone will be able to help.


20’’ torker lx. cotterless cranks and non splined hub.

just go for it… if it breaks, then replace it… dont let your uni stop you from doing things.

how bad does something like that hurt if your crank breaks? this five set is about a mile from my house.

Not too bad, It’s doubtful that your cranks will just snap clear off they may just bend beyond ridability along with your rim.

It will all depend on your style, with a good rollout, you might be able to do it without breaking anything, but it would be a bit sketchy.

You can easily do it.
The LX is bombproof, just do it, don’t even think about it. Just do it!! If you think about it you will get scared and back out. So just do it!!

well said sexy habbywall !

I’m gonna do it… once I get home from school tomorrow

take a video clip; when you taco the rim or snap the cranks I wanna see it!:smiley:

always good to know people like to see me get hurt.

No, we like to see everyone get hurt, not just you.
But it’s nice to know in advance so there is a film of it for sure, then we can watch it in slow-mo.

Don’t worry about it dude, you will be fine. Whatever you do don’t think about it or you will chicken out. I know from expierence.
Just do it!!
You will be fine if you are confident, so don’t think you will get hurt you will easily land it. Just focus alot on the drop and it will be fine!

I think I’m in love with habbywall

Awwww thats sooo cute!

4 feet is fine for a LX.

AFter a lot of 4 foot drops will the cranks start slowly bending, but just every now and then youll be fine. =p

Go for it!