will it fit?

I was wondering if a KH momment hub will fit on this frame http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=975 ?

No, the bearing holders are for 40mm bearings and the KH has 42mm bearings.
I have that frame and a kh hub and I have tried it but the bearing holders only contact the bearings in 4 places.

is there a frame i can substitute that one with, or a splined hub that has 40mm bearings?

I think torker and profile are the only splined hubs with bearings that will fit.

Not too sure about the frames, I think the semcycle long neck would fit 42mm bearings but they are really hard to get now. I know the koxx free tricks frame fits and the signature (although the signature is ridiculously expensive).

ya i was origionally gettin a semecycle one, but Bedford said there was none in stock when he went to NAUCC

The Nimbus II longneck may. It’s not listed on UDC US but they may have it in stock. Call them up.

maybe i could buy the caps 42mm, then grind the frame down some? would that work? or If anyone knows of a freestyle frame that has a longneck and 42mm bearings, tell me please

It should fit. The Nimbus II fits on a DX hub. Which is the same as putting your frame on a KH.

Ya but im getting the freestyle frame, not the II

edit: want to get

The freestyle frame has machined bearing holders, they are not the same as the nimbus II holders. I am pretty sure the DX has 40mm bearings anyway.

Hehehe thats what she said

im asking my self the same question here

I think it would be VERY difficult to grind down the frame so it fit well. Maybe if you had access to a milling machine and the skills to use it, or someone to do it for you.

You could shim the bearing holders w/ a few layers of increasing length of metal tape. I did this on my Nimbus X to get clearance for a 2.25" Max Daddy. The bolts loosen much more easily and I’m sure the frame is weaker this way around the bearings, since there is effectively a smaller lip over the edge of the bearing. I’m going to get some longer bolts and locking nuts. Should help w/ the loosening.

Ok, so the frame I want will not fit the hub i want.

so what frame should i get?