Will it fit?

Will a smooth street tire that is 20x1.95 fit my Alex DX32 Rim? The rim is 1.50inches wide.

I think it will but just to make sure.


…will need more info on the tire. If it really is a 20" tire, it won’t fit on the DX32 rim, as that rim is 19".

You must have a trials tire to fit on a trials rim.

only if your alex is a 20" not a 19"

ohh well its a 19". And the tire is the one thats on the Torker CX.

wouldnt work then, maybe you should do what alot of people have done and get a tryall tyre and shave the grip off, or think ahead and go on a trials forum and get some mod trials rider to send you one of there old used tyres

thats what she said.

HE not SHE.

Ok well how would I shave off a tire? Could I not do it to any trials tire?

someone didnt get the joke :roll_eyes:

I dont get it?

Go and ask your mum.


you are a very sheltered 13 year old:D


A shaved mod tire still handles as slugishly and horribly as one with tread. Just get a bmx rim/tire.

How much would a bmx rim cost?

Bmx rims aren’t fixed price. They vary from $15 to $95.

From what I hear ody. Hazard lite is one of the best bmx rims there are. I know nothing about bmx rims though I just have talked to a couple people and read some stuff so I go off that. It is only 50something od danscomp.com. You can also get some bald? bmx high pressure tires you probably want a high pressure one for street since you so rolling hops/ sets/ etc.