Will - In Training

I was feeling really frustrated yesterday so I decided to go out and test some new settings on my camera. I didn’t want to film any big tricks because I’ve injured myself quite a bit lately, the result was this. Nothing special, just blowing off steam :slight_smile:

I chucked in a small timelapse test and some fire twirling too!

awesome Will!! :smiley: your coasting , 1f ww and seat drag are all really smooth and the fire twirling looked sick! :slight_smile:

That looked really good!

Ace! Loved the music and the fire too :smiley:

Thanks alot! :smiley: I’m glad you all enjoy it!

Nice one. Now we need a new one WITH the big stuff.

Haha, I’ll go all out for my 1 year “unicycle anniversary” video at the end of the month :stuck_out_tongue:

Woow man I love your Fire juggling ,I’m completely in love with fire juggling, I practice fire swing poi, torches, and spit fire haha, I tried to practice staff, but did not like much, but I loved you doing the fire staff! awesome:D

Yessss fire twirling, god that takes me back to my old trampolinning/circus days

O good Job will nice seat drag and your coasting is improving Keep it up

Yay, another fire twirler! :slight_smile: I’m learning poi right now, it’s definitely different from staff…I like to spin poi when I’m really happy/calm but I enjoy staff more because I can do it when I’m feeling really pumped :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! I’m always practicing coasting now, it’s addictive! Did you used to play with fire too?

Nice vid’ guy !! :wink:
Love your fire juggling !! :smiley:

yeah a little bit but i havent played with fire since the flaming tennis ball of 2006

it was a fun game of tennis though.

damn! wish i was there :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah we did some stupid things in Victoria like this one time we shoved one of my freinds into a garbage can and rolled him down a long hill LOL. he escaped with no injury and was a playground legend after that.

Nice video and file spinning! I have a friend who does fire poi.

I like the mood of your video. Very nice job. Keep it up.