Will Fireball fit in Sem XLW frame?

I can fit a 24" baby gazz in a Sem XLW frame. Anyone know if
the fireball will fit in there. The baby Gazz is supposed to be 2.6" wide.

Anyone done trials with the baby Gazz?

The FireBall will not fit the Sem XLW unless you bash it in. The FireBall is just as big as the 3 inch Gazz.

I’ve done some bigger drops on a baby gazz and it was fine. The baby Gazz is lighter than the 3 inch Gazzilla. I’ve seen Gilby do amazing trials riding on a 2.6 inch tire. I’m not sure of the brand of tire he was using, but it wasn’t holding him back any. I was totally satisfied with my 2.6 Gazz, but I needed the 3 incher to fullfill my 3 inch Gazz envy.