Will crankflipping on bikes help you on unicycles

Recently, I have been using my beginner bike (little tyke) and doing crankflips on it. (I took off the chain.) I do them the same, way, and have managed to land singles and doubles.

My unicycle is being fixed right now, when I get it back, do you think this practice will help at all, thanks for all the comments.

I honetly dont think it will at all.
Theres no weight being thrown, no leaning forward or backward, its just not the same at all. Although its probably fun to mess around on the bike.

I think its just as scary to a person who can’t do them on either to do it for the first time, and might help commit to learning backflips on a uni, but thats as much as I think i’t could possibly help.

It might help learning the kick, and will help to learn to commit. But I think it’s way different on a bike, you can lift yourself up on the handlebars.

crankflip on a bike is more scary then on a unicycle :wink: