Will be in Claremont and Sacramento over the next few days

I will be in Claremont from tomorrow(Friday) till Sunday, and in Sacramento on Monday and Tuesday.

I would obviously not be starting a new thread about this in RSU if I wasn’t interested in perhaps riding with riders in that general area (preferably street riders, though I may settle for some others ;))

So yeah, if you are interested in riding or something just reply to this and I’ll most likely PM you my cell number if you are interested in setting something up.

This is all in California for those Geographically challenged ones, but I doubt this clarification is necessary if you live in Cali in any case.

Nobody? :thinking:

will you have your own transportation? No one wants to drive all the way out to Claremont but if you could get yourself to LA people might be willing to ride with you.

There’s a huge unicycling group at Harvey Mudd in Claremont, but I don’t think they hang out on the forum.


Haha I am in Harvey Mudd as we speak, in my sister’s Dorm room. I will probably ride with a few of them in any case.

Which dorm?

North, I think.

Edit: why?

My mom and I have rented a car, but I don’t think that I would really be able to get driven much further than 30 minutes away.

I was at Mudd in 1986 (though I didn’t learn to unicycle there.) South dorm. What were called the Froshbowls back then.

Make sure to stop by Donut Man in Glendora; a regular destination for the yearly group ride.

Just got to Sacramento.

Is there seriously no one here?