Will an Impact Athmos wheel set up work with a Kris Holm 20” Frame?

I was wondering if my Impact Athmos wheel setup (spec below) would work on a Kris Holm 20” frame?

Athmos setup specs:

  • Hub/axle: Impact ISIS (white) 36H, high flange, crMo spindle, 100mm center bearing to center bearing

  • Bearings 42mm x 22mm

Kris Holm 20” Frame specs:

Diameter Bearing holder: 42mm (bearing outside diameter)
Bearing pitch: 100mm (center bearing to center bearing)

It seems that everything lines up, but the bearing on the Athmos are 42mm x 22mm and the Kris Holm wheel that comes with the complete 20” frame build says
22x42x12mm Is there a difference? Thank you so much for your thoughts and help,

If you recheck carefully, you will notice that the KH specs contains the same numbers but ib a different order :wink:

For ISIS, the bearings are usually 42×22×12 being outter, inner and width.
Anf the number that tend to change based on hub design is the inner diameter :wink:


My trials uni is exactly that combination. The white Impact wheel looks great in the old KH Onza series frame that was painted by the previous owner in what I call “distressed red”.

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That is what I was guessing :-)!!! Thank you :metal:

Heck yes :-)!!! :metal::metal::metal: