Will an 06 KH20 fit on a Torker DX hub with shims?

Just for you Isaac.

Will this combination fit together?

I really dont think it will.


Look at the bearing size.


Look 42mm Bearings not 40mm

I dont want you not to have this frame, I just dont want you to spend $100 if its not going to work, lets see what other people say.



ohhh okay. Sorry I didnt know, have you got those already?


I’ll use cut up inner tubes, or if I feel like getting fancy, machine my own at school.

Ohh okay cool, I didnt know you had that in mind, sorry.

Well, did you read the whole thread on Danni’s frame? He said himself he used cut up inner tube.

Ohhh I thought I did, im sorry okay.

This thread is also to make sure you know what you’re talking about in the future if you try to help someone.

False knowledge is the worst thing someone can have. Besides AIDS.

so Isaac had a “hazmat” moment, doesn’t mean you should publically berate him on rec.sport.unicycling.

on the bright side, if someone searches for “dx and kh frame compatibility”, they’ll find this and get their answer.

I don’t think you know the meaning of berate… that’s not what I am accomplishing with this thread.

Isaac has posted replies to me in a couple threads saying that the DX hub won’t fit in the KH frame, I told him it will, but he said yet again, “I don’t think it will fit”.

So I made a thread to clear it up.

Here, I’ll post some of those Smilies to make my post more cheerful.

:roll_eyes: :slight_smile: :smiley:

You’re such a hypocrite. :roll_eyes:

You’re still the man Isaac!

Hmm, give me a few minutes…