will a trials tire fit on my learner uni??

i am intrested in buying a trials tire for my original learner uni but i am not sure if the tire will fit the frame. can someone with some knowledge about this please let me know what i can do?


by the way its a 20 frame.

Yes, it will. Or, no, it won’t. See, it really depends on what frame it is.

the frame isnt very wide and i am not too sure if it will be neat riding with a 2.5 tire. anyway if i do have to buy a new frame what ones would you recommend for trials?

bare in mind i only have £60.

a trials tire won’t fit a normal 20 inch rim, you’ll need a 19 inch trials rim to fit a 19inch trials tire.

yeah thats what im gunna have to do, thanks everybody

About the frame, what frame is this learner unicycle? In fact, what unicycle is it alltogether. we could reccomend you some good products.

No!!! there the onza sticky fingers- its a trials tire that actually 20in here

A Maxxis Max Daddy is what I used when I was learning trials on a cheap 20" learner uni. It’s a 20x2.25" tyre I believe and gives you quite good grip and bounce. Sidewalls are a little thinner than proper trials tyres, but not too bad. Maybe give that a go. They’re pretty cheap tyres.


Does the max daddy fit a normal 20 in rim


Where can I get one of these tires…I couldnt find em at maxxis.com

Arg, when I read your post I thought it said 2.5, not 2.25. Mongoose also sells a 2.25, Its on my uni right now
http://unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&postid=296403#post296403 :smiley:

I would get the Onza sticky-fingers 20x2.4" tire, they’re much better than the max daddy tires and do fit on a normal 20" rim, not a trials rim.

I have seen them fitted into many 20" frames without a problem, and makes a learner unicycle look like a trials uni


thanks again

cheers very much everybody

im ordereing my onza sticky fingers tire in a couple of days. i already have that maxxis maxx daddy tire and its only 1.85 and it aint, that bouncy. it also seems to be loosing its firmness and letting the air down. but anyway getting new tire so hu cares.

thanks very much for the advice, its al very usefull

Re: thanks again

I believe there are two Max Daddy sizes. Mine that I rode with for quite a few months was definitely around 2.25".

Often bike riders will run the 1.85 on the front and the 2.25 on the back.

Re: Re: thanks again

Yeah.I think theres a maxxis creepy crawler 20"x2.25 for front tires too,that might be worth looking at.