Will a normal rime hook up to a unicycle?

Will a normal rime hook up to a unicycle? Im pretty shure it will they look the same but iv only got a glance at a uni a few times


rime??? i assume you mean rim? but yeah most rims will fit a uni if the size and clearance is correct.

So i could buy a 20" tire and rim from canadian tire and put it on a 20’’ uni frame ? right thats what your saying

Yes, You should be able to, but make sure your not trying to put a bike hub onto a unicycle, but if it is just the rim, you can put a unicycling hub in there, put in the spokes, then be fine.

What so different about a unicycle hub then is it just stronger?

yes, if you have a certain hub and bearings…

well, on a bicycle, it is chain driven, so the hub on a bicycle wheel, only have the bolts that come out the attach to the axel and get bolted on there.

On a unicycle, the ratio is 1:1 cause it is just a direct drive, so the hub on a unicycle, instead of having bolts coming out, they are cotterless or splined, so that the cranks can attach to the hub, enabling us to pedal =p

the top is a uni hub(fits in a uni frame

the bottom is a bike hub(will not fit in a uni frame)

get the picture?




On a bike hub, the axle stays still and the hub rotates around the axle on bearings inside the hub.
On a unicycle hub, the axle is fixed to the hub and the whole lot rotates in bearings held by the frame.

Of course, a giraffe unicycle is a bit different, being chain driven, and uses a bike-type hub (fixed-gear type).