Will a Nightrider tyre fit on the Airfoil rim?

Unicycle.co.nz still has some Airfoil rims in stock, of the slightly smaller diameter. These won’t fit the original Coker tyre but will fit the Wheel TA tyre. However I don’t know whether a Nimbus Nightrider tyre will fit on these rims. Has anyone tried this?

I recently replaced my TA tyre which is on my 36udc with the niterider tyre which fits it perfectly, so i would expect that that if the airfoil rim fits the ta then it would fit the niterider.Just by the way of interest for anyone looking to save weight my new niterider tyre is 300grams lighter than my very used TA tyre.

I would call UDC. I seem to recall that the TA fits the other coker rims, but that it’s the only one that fits the smaller airfoil. I have no personal experience, but UDC should be able to tell you for certain which tires fit your rim.


Tony is one of the guys from UDC NZ