Will a koxx1 seat fit on a KH seat post?

i was out doing trials today and as i jumped onto a picnic table i heard a little “snap” from under me. i looked down and saw that my white widow saddle had politely been removed from my seat post, along with the top of the post.

my question is, will this http://unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=666 seat post be compatible with my saddle or will i have to buy another (more expensive) k1 seat post?

thanks in avance

Yes it will fit. :slight_smile:

thank you sir and unless anyone has anything else to add feel free to let this thred die

An aluminium Qu-ax reinforced post with shim is stronger then your old post and cheaper then the pitfighter.

if you cant get the qu-ax post get the nimbus cromo post. Its stronger than the aluminum Kh.

Unless you’re doing flips you don’t really need the strength of the CrMo post.

i have not done flips and i’ve broken a KH post(jumping the truck did it in), i say go with the nimbus crmo one.
its mucho better.

Well, I guess form plays a big role in that too. Kevin M told me that he’s still using the post that came on his KH. But then again, he’s not jumping trucks :wink:

I snapped a Nimbus reinforced aluminium post just by pulling up on the handle to hop.

thanks for all the input, i bought a kh post for now because it was the only one i could afford(my friend had it for sle for like 10 bucks) and i need it by next week for vacation. but when this one breaks i’ll definitely get something reinforced considering that i’ve already broken two k1/try-all seat posts

He said:

I disagreed by saying I snapped my alu post easily.

okie dokie :slight_smile: