Will a Koxx 1 frame fit my 2004 Torker DX wheelset?

I tried to research this first. I have the 24" 04’(no tire clearance) Torker DX.
I am thinking of replacing the frame w/the Koxx 1 frame(the website says it will accomodate a 24x3 tire).
Will it work w/my Torker wheelset? Also, I have never ordered from Municycle.com, and I am in the U.S., will it be possible for me to order w/them?

The shipping probably wont be too great, why not get something like a nimbus or yuni frame? As far as I know the koxx frame isnt too much more special than either of those.

I don’t know if will fit or not, but you need to measure the outer diameter of the bearings and the width of the hub (usually the flange-to-flange distance) and compare those to the specs for the frame you’re thinking about buying.

Have you tried putting the 3" tire in the 04 DX frame? I believe it does fit in spite of what UDC says.

Thats the '05 frame that fits isnt it? I thought the '04 had the rounded crown.

Yes I have put the Duro Wildlife tire on my 04’ DX and it doesn’t fit like everyone said :angry: . I bought my uni used and didnt know if it was an 04’ or 05’ model. Now I definitely know it is the 04’. The Kenda K-Rad that is on it is a JOKE :astonished: on the trails!!!

The '04 DX has a square crown, but it will not even fit a 2.6" wide tire. I’ve tried.

Nor will the rim hold a 3" tire even if the frame was big enough. The stock rim is too narrow, it would just fold.

What people have said, but shouldn’t have because it confuses people, is that the 2005 DX will technically hold a 3" wide tire, barely, but it’s useless to do so because of the rim.

So i guess the conclusion is: Don’t bother with the 3" tire unless you get a wider rim.