Will a Kenda Kolossal 2.6 or Nokian Gazzaloddi 2.6 fit on a lx?

Will a Kenda Kolossal 2.6 or Nokian Gazzaloddi 2.6 fit on a torker 24" unicycle? I’m looking for a wheel set to put on my old lx and use the frame until it breaks (if it ever does). Then I will upgrade to a new frame. For the wheelset these are the two tire choices I have. If they both will fit then tell me which one you would suggest.

i don’t think either will fit. the regular tire on the lx has very little clearence with the top of the frame, those will definitely not fit. i suggest just upgrading. cause just doing curbs i have managed to twist the hub/cranks.

The original everything on my lx is bent except for the frame and seat…Is there any other tire I can use for muni that will fit on the lx. I just got a kh 20" so I can’t afford much until I save up. Or for christmas.

Edit: This is the wheel I will probably be using: Sun BFR (Big Fat Rim) 2.0-inch double-walled black alloy rim.

I was just looking at my old LX 24" thinking the same thing-- Z’s right. They won’t fit. I measured mine and you have about 2.8" to work with, but in another thread I know it’s been said that a 2.3" will at least fit on the rim, possibly with enough clearence… I’ll guess that .3" on either side is a decent amount of space for a centered muni tire.

Disclaimer: My LX has a tire width of 1.95", I don’t know what’ll fit proper.

We have a 2.3 Maxxis MaxDaddy on my son’s LX20. There is just a tiny amount of clearance at the top, it’s not the sides that you have to worry about.

No, a 2.6 tire will not fit.

AHAHAHAHAHA!!! No not in a million years. The Gazz has probly a good inch and a half on that frame. Its so much bigger than it looks.

Well my advice, use the KH for muni, ive done a few muni rides on a trials uni, its not that bad actually, ive seen Jake and Miles do a 12mi trail on that same uni…As for your Lx, the rim is too small for those tires, as is the frame, and I wouldnt recommend spending that much money on getting a new rim and frame cause the hub and crankset will just break in one good muni trail(trust me I have one i cant count how many times I have rebuilt that thing!) So if you want a muni and you are a lil shy on cash check out Ebay or the trading post, also Torker sells a pretty good muni one step above there Lx the Dx its 250-300 pending where you get it…Goodluck man!

Hey man, I actually tried that not too long ago with my Kenda Kolossal 2.6 on my 24" LX. The others are right, it doesn’t work. However, it was very close to fitting. The wheel was still able to turn, but it was rubbing on the frame something fierce. I almost think that if I had a wider rim (Kris Holm 24") it might have worked. I mean, it was really close.

Either way, your best bet is to just save up for a DX or if you want to wait longer something else like a KH, Qu-Ax, or a Koxx Track Monster ( <–NICE!).

Something cheap to get you till then would be to buy at Nimbus II frame (get a 29" so you can build up a 29’er after you buy your MUni…if it is a smaller size that is.) and just put your LX stuff on it. The berrings on the LX hub are closer together than the standard, but it is close enough if you bend the fork legs a bit. The Nimbus II frame is only $42, so it isn’t a wallet buster.

::Edit:: I’m using the 48 spoke 24" Nimbus X wheel for MUni right now and it works great. Plus, it’s only $55 for the whole wheel!