Will a Fish ruin a unicycle?

hey guys,

this is probably the weirdest thread you’ve ever read, but I have a question.

Today my dad came home from fishing. Since he didn’t want the fish he caught to be on his cars interior, he put it on my Nimbus 20" Trials Cycle. :angry:

The fish had been on the tire, rim, and spokes, and been there for an hour (hour and a half tops)

I was wondering, will this fish incident ruin my unicycle, or will it do nothing?

Your unicycle is already dissolving.

Fish dissolve unicycles.

Any kind of fish.

That’s why we don’t need to have any clue what kind of fish it was.

Except some fish.

Actually, only fish heads are dangerous to unicycles:

I’m serious

So are we.


Most definitely. :smiley:

Dunno where you found that, or what possessed you to find it…but that was very disturbing…yum!

Haha you’re probably too young to know, but that song has been around for EVER and was a huge offbeat hit on the old Dr. Dimento show. Was written and released in 1979 by [I]Barnes & Barnes.

[/I]But even kids know that song and in one of my older videos, a bunch of kids from Adam Brody’s OC uni club are seen singing it! lol.:smiley: It’s even available for ringtone downloads! http://www.lyricsdownload.com/drdemento-fish-heads-lyrics.html

sorry but you’re an idiot if your serious asking this question…what do you think it will do???..melt the frame or spokes?

To be perfectly honest, I doubt anyone on here can possibly have a serious response to this. It is quite rare to place a fish on a unicycle, and the odds are very slim that another member of this community has done so. In any case, you should be able to tell us, what’s going on with your unicycle now? Does it stink? Or something more?

And just in case you really want a serious answer…

No, it wont hurt your unicycle… Though, it may smell like fish for a few days.


hey guys,

Today my dad came home from fishing. Since he didn’t want the fish he caught to be on his cars interior, he put it on my Nimbus 20" Trials Cycle. :angry:


I’ve report this incident to family services. Your father must learn that society does not tolerate this abusive behavior. Being separated from this parent, with some years of therapy, then hopfully you will be able to find some joy in life.

Take the unicycle on a camping trip. See if you can peddle faster than a bear can run after a fishy uni.

I think the question you should be asking is if the unicycle will ruin the fish. We already know that the fish has dissolved through most of your spokes and part of your frame, but now the fish has dissolved metal all over it, and you can’t eat it anymore. Good Job

yea great job! you just TOTALLY ruined the fish… hope you’re proud of yourself!

On a serious note tho, dont think anything will happen to it


Maybe the lovely fish oils will grease it up real good though (seriously!). You could have a much smooooooother ride.

…or it might be smarter due to all the omega 3

I was thinking mabe if you put a little flame under the spokes you could “grill” the fishy and have those nice grill lines from the spokes! Mmmmmmmmm! Grilled feesh!:smiley:

Hmm. Do I smell another MuniAddict video here!

Me? A video? Hmm, You may just be on to something…thanks!:stuck_out_tongue: