Will a cheap skinny axle work for learning BC?

I have a spare Wald axle sitting on my desk.
It’s skinny, and came off a cheap $199 bike 10 years ago.
I have a spare rim/tire/tube.
If I put BC plates on this axle, and make it into a BC wheel, will it immediately bend just from riding, with no jumping or hopping or curbs or drops or anything?

depends how much you weigh, but it will bend eventually, just from mounting.

My original BC axle didn’t seem to last long. It’s not designed for all the jumping when you rolling-mount it. The foot pegs or plates twist downward on the ends of the axle, which will make it bow.

I started with a basic BMX wheel. When the axle bent, the bike shop was able to replace just the axle with something much stronger (it’s still in there after nearly 20 years), while keeping the same hub and wheel.