Will a brake help or hurt me when I'm learning to ride?

I’ve been riding for about two months now and I’ve worked up to 2-3 mile off-road trail rides on my Nimbus Drak 29". I have all of the parts to put a disk brake on but I’m wondering when I should install it. Will it help my riding progress faster or is there a chance that I won’t learn some needed basic skill if I put it on now? I’m a little bit worried about bending the disk during a fall since I’m still coming off the uni fairly often.

Learn to ride without the brake. Then, when you can ride, you will know if/when you need a brake. Then you can learn to ride with it.

Perfect advice above. Save money, save time, save hassle, improve skills!

If you don’t have steep hills to ride on, you don’t need a brake (for MUni) at all.