Will a 20" help?

I have a 24" muni and a 26" Oracle. I want to learn to idle, come down some curbs and step off the back. I have tried on the 26" , but not doing too well. Would a 20" be better for learning these kinds of things? I am looking at a Nimbus Oreo trials on sale at UDC. I know Ed, YCNHTMU. Thanks for any input.

Hello Young at Heart,

I have a 20" uni, a 24" uni, and a 26" Muni.

Riding I learned initially on the 20", learned riding even more on the 24" and the most with the 26" Offroad.
Dismounting off the back I learned with the 26" (just because it was the one I did ride most at the time of learning this), riding down some curbs I did first with the 20" and the 24" (because at that time I had no 26").
For idling (trying to) I use the 20" (smaller wheel, indoor tire, etc.)

So, besides the YCNHTMU, my advice is to get the 20".



20" will be probably easier, though I wouldn’t buy one especially for that purpose… Maybe give it a try with the 24". One more thing, IMHO coming down curbs with 26" is easier than with 20"…

Have fun,

Yeah, I really don’t think you need to buy a 20" just to learn to idle. I learnt to do all of those things on a 26" as it was the only one I had at the time. I only bought a 20" because I wanted to do a lot more trials/street stuff than muni and THAT is when the tyre size plays a big role.

Personally I wouldn’t buy a new uni just for that. But if you want a smaller wheel for other things as well, now’s a good excuse for it.

Once you are idling you want to practice all the other things, and most of them are easier to learn on 20" i believe.



I don’t think you need a 20. I learned to idle on a 24 and it was no problem. I can imagine the 26 would be giving you troubles, it’s much harder on a 26 vs a 24.

The one thing I would recommend would be getting a street tire (some thing like a hookworm) for your 24 Muni, that will make a big difference. All the stuff you mentioned you want to do will be no trouble to learn on a 24.

Hi Young at heart, A 20" is great for practicing indoors. When I do the washing up (yea, no dishwasher) I practice while the bowl fills with water…I practice still stands while watching the news on TV…I hop a bit when I’m waiting for the kettle to boil etc etc…you really do need a 20" :smiley:

From my experience, riding a bigger wheel, has helped my small wheel riding. Once you ride a 36 around for 20-30 miles, when you hop on the 29 for some muni, it feels like you’re rockin a 24 instead. It’s awesome…

I think a narrow high pressure street tire on a 24" or 20" would be better for idling than a stickier trials tire or heavy Muni tire, at least for a novice. I learned how to idle on a 24" street uni with 150mm cranks and I can still idle better on that uni than either my 24" Muni with long cranks or my 20" trials uni with 137mm cranks. For riding off curbs, I’d think a Muni with a big cushy tire would be close to ideal. Stepping off the back, your 24" Muni should be good.

I have access to a 20 at the gym I go to once a week. I have found that idling was easier on the 20 and backing definitely is for me. The 20 has a 2.25 tire and 114 cranks for what it’s worth.
I’m tossing up the same question. But in truth like I’m not likely to go into trials riding and I enjoy the 24 muni and the 29. I find the muni ok for hopping and riding down two steps. I’ve tried 3 steps but when I hit the bottom … I hit the bottom :smiley: I did find the muni (145 cranks)was easier for backing than my beginner 24 with 127 cranks but now that I’ve tried the 20 that’s the best for backing even with the shorter cranks.
Sorry not helpful… I have a feeling that a 20 would very quickly be gathering dust…

OK, no to the 20

I think I’l try the suggestion to change the tire on the 24. I have a Kenda I used when first learning, maybe that will help.

Everything helsp everything, but some things are easier on a 20" I use my 20" for control practice, hopping, idling, hopping off high ledges, etc. I find everything i learn on my 20" in a small dgree translates to my larger 26" Muni, but it is a super slow commuter… I would always suggest yoiu have a 20" in your arsenal. The nimbus 20" is pretty outstanding my brother is up to 6’ drops on his and with hands it like a boss!

I think you need a 20’’ Unibiddy :smiley:

I THP’s advice on the Learning Journal thread and got my 20’’ out of the shed. I’ve been going nowhere recently with my 26’’, I just can’t straighten up. :thinking:
Soooh, out came the 20’’. It has a maxxis wildlife tyre on it so it’s chunky ‘n’ funky. I managed a few half idles, a small hop. I was able to go down some hills that I would never dream of going down on my 26’’. I think it was because I was already nearer to the ground so I didn’t have as far to fall. I was quite brave (or stupid) as i didn’t have my helmet with me. So, to cut a long story short. I think you do NEED a 20’’.
Let us know how you get on…
Edit that…you’ve already decided you don’t need one…BUT do you want one?
If it’s any help, I’m glad I’ve got mine :wink:

+1 but I’d get one anyway then practice other tricks and trials skills on it.

Typo? I’m pretty sure that tire doesn’t come for a 20.

I’m following the comments on this thread with interest. I have a 20" and a 26", and I’m trying to learn to idle. I can’t do it on either one at the moment, but it seems like I get closer on the 20, so that’s the one I’m concentrating on. I think the same goes for going backwards, but I’ve hardly tried that so far. Am I correct in thinking idling comes before backwards, or should it be the other way around? (Going backwards has always been very daunting to me.)

thanks, LanceB

Need vs. want

Now you all have me “wanting” a 20". I have a kayak for sale. If I can get rid of that, I think a 20" will be coming.

Hi skilewis74
Aye there was a typo, it’s a 19” uni. It does have the wildlife tyre on it. It’s called an INDY trials. I bought it before I’d heard of unicycle.com. Bit of a mistake that was. The seatpost is jammed in one position so it can be neither raised nor lowered. When I questioned the store about the cranks they said that they didn’t know anything about them, they just sell them :roll_eyes:
But it’s okay for what I want to do with it. I’ve got 125’ cranks on at the mo, I thought this might help in my quest to be able to idle and hop.

LanceB Sorry I can’t help with your question. But it’s made me think I might try riding backwards tomorrow and see how I get on. Never thought about riding backwards before :roll_eyes:

LOL @ Unibiddy :smiley: Just spotted your post. You really can never have…too many. …:stuck_out_tongue:

That must be a new tire, I hadn’t heard of it before. Take it to your LBS they can prob figure out how to unstick it to get a more optimized height. That uni is prob fine until u start doing drops of 2+ ft, or much more if splined cranks. If cotterless there’s tons of use u could get out of it.

It’s normally recommended to learn idling first before backwards.

I can ride bckwd a bit but not idle. Idling hurt my knees. To learn backwards I went back to my practice rail and did everything as learning forwords in reverse.

I found after i could idle bacwards riding was easier and so was one foot riding

I’m for getting a 20", even a cheap one. There are lots for sale used on the forums (usually).

There’s a reason freestyle, flatland, and trials riders ride <=20".

If you are serious about building skills, get a 20".