Will a '09 KH frame support a Schlumpf hub?

Hey guys, I’ve got a quick question. Will a '09 KH frame work okay with the Schlumpf hub? I know at one point I think I remember reading that Kris changed the bearing holders in his frames to work with the geared hub better, would an '09 frame have those changes?


I believe you will need to grind the insides of the bearing holders for clearance. Not a big deal if you have an angle grinder or similar tool.

You’re good to go!

Looks like all frames post Sept 2006 will fit without modification. Take a look at the Schlumpf manual. Here’s a screenshot of the relevant page.

Seems this page claims pre 2008 frames need modification. Either way you should be ok.

“The hub is designed for Kris Holm frames. You can even retrofit the hub to KH frames older than model year 08. These older frames require a modification of one shoulder of the bearing clamp (see installation instructions / special miller).”

Awesome, thanks guys!