Wildside MTB 4 Day Epic Race in Tasmania, Jan. 2014...Who want's to join me?!

Any of my muni friends want to enter this with me? Epic 4 day, 140 km race/tour in Tasmania from January 25-28th, 2014. Please let me know asap if you have even a slight bit of interest and we will make it happen. You can find all the details about it here: http://www.wildsidemtb.com/

Registration opens in a few days. I contacted them and they are more than happy to let unicycles enter and will create a separate category for us with prizes too!!!

Looks like fun, too bad we live so far away.

You have probably already done the math, but the ride is much longer than the advertised 120k (only includes the competition sections), day 1 is 40+ miles, day 2 ~35 miles, day 3 ~30 miles, and day 4 is a short 20 mile loop.

Day 1 and 2 are gonna be bruisers!

The cruise miles in between the compettion sections would be a nice place for a guni :slight_smile:

Looks like fun! Maybe we can reunite West Coast Cokers!! I’m going to talk it over with the wife. The only downside is that it is ski season!! It’d be good to hang with you again.

Wow Jamey, that truly will be Epic! I have a friend who did it on a bike a couple of years ago and he said that it was the best and hardest race he has ever done (and he is a 24hour solo veteran). The year he did it was very wet though (although it is always very wet in Tassie).

I wish I could do it with you but I really dont think I would have the legs for it. Kudos for giving it a go though. Cant wait for the write up.

What about you Rob?

As I posted over in Facebook, I’m definitely interested. The only way that I would do it would be on a G26. This type of event would be no fun on a single speed.

fairly unlikely for me at this stage. I start a real job about that time, so probably no unicycling races for me that year.

Sure looks fun!

I’d like to the Mt Wellington Hillclimb in Hobart sometime though…it’s only a small one day event and more my type of race.


It looks like a lot of fun, but unfortunately a little too pricey for me.
It adds up once you include accommodation etc.

Hm- this could be a really great event and something right up my Enduro Muni alley! Not Sure about the timing/pricing. If we get a good contingent of internationals/locals I could see myself trying to make it happen. But then again there is also Unicon to think about- that and trying to buy a house for the first time. Another thing is that I am planning a series of 4 enduro muni events in Oz for end of 2012/early 2014 called the Australian Mountain Unicycling Championships (AMUC). It will be east coast based- ranging from canberra to Newcastle in terms of race locations. I’ll have an official release with More info after this years 3 ring Circus. I can say the first event will coincide with the Asia Pacific Unicycle Champs In Canberra this December and will be an ass kicking enduro muni course around stromlo!


Please msg me. I live in North Tas which might help. Certainly pencil me in

It sounds crazy, so im interested. regards Darren


That’d be great! Is John still riding? I’ll more than likely be in Cali sometime in July or August and will make sure to try and meet up with you for a ride…maybe we could give brokeback mt another go?! :slight_smile:

Even though I haven’t ridden any of the trails, going from the description and video’s, I would agree that a geared uni is the way to go. If the trails were pure technical than ss would work but there is a lot of km’s covered over the 4 days and I think a big chunk of it are fire roads where you can kick into high gear and cruise. It will be a challenging race…even more so if it rains and is wet and muddy. And I’m not saying it’s not possible to enter this race on a ss unicycle, just agreeing with Scott that it’d be a bit more fun and faster on a geared.

Nice to hear from you Mark. Would be awesome if you could make it. I was scared that after your bike tour you might not come back to the one wheelers but it looks like you missed it and that AMUC you are planning sounds epic. Can’t wait for the details on that. If you need any help organizing it, let me know.

OK, so far it’s looking like we have these people that are seriously thinking about it:
Jamey (Half Aussie Half American)
Mark (Australia)
Scott (USA)
Benoit (Canada)
Jim (USA)
Darren (Tasmania)

Steven (Northern Beaches Unicycle Club)
Charlie (Northern Beaches Unicycle Club)
Luke (Northern Beaches Unicycle Club)

LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN BOYS! I’m going to register tomorrow. Please update this list once you have made a decision and/or registered.

Im in! REGISTRATION Completed and few hundred dollars lighter :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Jamey for the inspiration and info you have given

they say also
“the field will be capped at 450 to maintain the quality of the experience for all competitors.”

If your going to come down and saddle up i hope you register soon, few people say it sells out pretty quick. How quick i dont know but i guess many people missed out in the past.

Wish i could ride it before the day, mainly for the reason to gauge better what would be nicest to ride there. Not planning a big finish or land speed records. If the have a medal for most UPD’s i might have a chance.

Might roll with the Big wheel, why not hey, I want to see a photo of a 36er riding across that suspension bridge where everyone with bars wider than 600mm gets off and legs it lol

Guy in front looks like hes having bit of trouble there?..

leg it.jpg

ONLY 80 entries left !!!

Com’on procrastinate later please

Word just in… Straight from the event organisers

RE: Wildside Unicycists

“We still have about 80 places left, so there is still space for more unicyclists”

“Although we didn’t set up a category for unicycles in the entry form, there is no problem for us to create this category for the race. So from this email, I can enter you in a unicycle category.”

“The information we collect about bikes (via registration form) is mostly for the bike mechanics who come to support the event, and for our sponsors. So don’t worry about this information for your unicycle.”

“We are very interested to see how unicycles go over the course!”

I think they are calling for us?
Like to have 6 months do train?
Whos been to Tassie?
Who wants to believe it doesnt rain evey day here?
Whos uniing in Tassie whos not signed up already???

My self and a friend whos on two wheels will be able to help shuttle back to the cars at the end of each stage. yes it will cost a bit either way but should be awesome!

HIP HIP HOORAY!!! I am now registered as well. :slight_smile: That makes at least 2 unicycles…come on guys we need to get at least 2 more…

I didn’t know what to do about accommodation and transport. I was tempted to do the all inclusive deal for $1250 but couldn’t justify spending that much, although it would be good to have a nice warm room and comfy bed to come back to every night and not have to worry about anything.

I reserved a rental car as a backup just in case I need to rent one…I can cancel it a day before with full refund so shouldn’t be an issue. If I do need to rent it, I would love to share it with someone to help keep costs down.

I haven’t signed up for the shuttle bus as I was hoping we could maybe sort this out between us, which it sounds like above that Darren and his friend may be able to help out to save $250…

Darren, where are you staying? I was thinking of camping but that means setup/take down every day, possible hot or rainy or windy weather, and so the more I think about it, I don’t think that’s an option. Would share a cottage/cabin with some people…or possibly a hotel room… Worst case if I can’t find anyone to share with I can always do the dorm option of $40/night.

I’d love to figure accommodation out asap as this is over Australia Day weekend (think July 4th weekend) and I’m assuming they could book up very fast especially with 450 mt bike racers plus support…

PLEASE let us know if you are planning on coming so we can figure out accommodation…I better start training now!

2 Uni riders…that it :o

any more???

Shuttling will be no issue on the day as a good friend and neighbor and i both are taking cars and i believe he has drummed up a support crew.

Should i tell him i am taking a Uni in the race…?

Accommodation packages sound so nice but it all adds up. if they included dinners and good company i might have booked for that.

I am considering cabins at 2 locations and my friend biking i think has scored a caravan from somewhere lol. so standby i am sure the options will unfold shortly and i can confirm whats easiest and most economical for the days events. If ones to camp it out (original intentions) showers and cooking areas i found will be the issues. if its cold we need hot showers for the poor tired muscles and good food to fuel the fire inside. I like the breeze, water ,cool and warmth but not too much at a time nor all in the one day. which is very likely on the West Coast… Jan/Feb is a good time for a 4 day ride

Im taking my prototype AlloyFish saddle frame model to see if it can be made today. Im hoping they will be strong light and cheaper than carbon but i really dont know yet. all i do know is ghetto poly bananas squashed like a pancake are not ideal. Because im too impatient with the heat gun and sure stressed out plastic will stress me out when it all goes pear

3 riders we can also put forward ourselves as a team entry?

we could win something with a team entry maybe possibly…

Last call, Anyone keen? Transport we can help with, accommodation either cabins or camping also,

We’re just out for a big Muni ride, repairs then shower and some grub afterwards followed by kip.

Then do it all again!!


Check out the youtube videos, is looks fairly easy going, fire trails and single tracks mainly. Oh and sand… schlumpf hubs like sand ???