Wilder photo's

does anyone have any hi-rez photo’s of a Wilder 6160?

especialy the welds around the seat tube,down the fork legs and maybe some shots of the bering holderz

they have got to be out here somwhere.


If you believe, they will come.:wink:


I have a Wilder but I do not have a camera. The only picture I have of it is from Unicycle.com which you have surely seen before. The picture displays a red one but mine is black. There is nothing wrong with the welds as far as I can tell.

Try to get the photos from Scott at:


Scott has some great hi-rez photos.

Tell him Tommy in Memphis sends regards.


They are, and I almost posted what I have- but YOU SIR, have some cycle issues to work out, and I, for one, will not become engaged in your co-dependant cycle-lust.

Have you considered how this makes your ‘current’ ride feel? I susspect that your dissatisfaction stems from poor performance induced by Dejected Cycle Syndrome; how can they hope to live up to the dream of a new cycle- why should they try?

You, Sir, are a Cyclelizer.


Given that this thread is over a year old are said photos really still required?



well it seems like of all the threads that Rowan ressurects he has finally found one of mine.

i did get some hi-rez photos of Neils Wilder but i cant remember where the link is and they are to big to attach here.

fear not Rhyslinger i am not getting a Wilder nore will i ever,or anything made by that guy that thinks im “stupid”

sorry you had to come out of lurk for a bunk thread,i knew you were out there somwhere.

i cut them down so here we go.

here is the second hi-rez pic.