Wilder Lightrider Muni frame -- wanted

Anyone selling (or knows where to find) a Wilder Lightrider Muni frame, kindly PM me. Thanks,


Don’t you have one John?

Yeah what happened to your old one? DIdnt break it did you?

Ya, I have one but when I switched out the original wheelset for a Large Marge, the brake no longer fits–which isn’t a problem in rocky Santa Barbara, but is starting to blow out my knees on the steeper dirt hiking trails we’ve started riding around Malibu and Point Magu. I threw the original Profile/Alex wheelset onto a new KH alum. frame (w/brake), but even with the bearing shims the wheel doesn’t run straight or fluidly. I abused the hell out of the old rim with all those drops straight onto rocks in SB, but I’m curious about getting another Wilder. I’m used to–and love–the feel of the Wilder, which unfortunately are no longer in production (and folks rarely if ever sell them). The new KH is so good and so inexpensive that folks are going that route–and rightly so.