Wild unicycoast

Trial and Muni video!


This guy is Amazing! Great video! I just had a few questions. Is that a 20" or a 24"? And what kinda helmet is that?

awesome spots and awesome shots! well done
also awsome drop u tried at 1:18 :astonished:
a masterpiece


I jumped between 12 and 13 feet (3.5-4m) at 1:18, i acheived this jump. I peinted my helmet myself.


Wow this is just brilliant. Such a great video with some of the best shots I’ve ever seen. Epic! More vids like this one!

a wonderful video!!! :slight_smile:

epic! that was beautiful, make more videos like this!!!

Man that was awesome! Loved all the trials espically!

BTW do you clean your unicycle up after every ride? Saltwater can be rough on them.


Every fits!!
Want more…
Thanks for showing us your skills!!!

wow exactly what I was thinking…

Tres bon montage, mais surtout des plans tres spectaculaires. Excellent!

definately one of my favorite trials vids in a while, everything was just sooo good.

Continue, c’est tellement impressionant !!!

Beautifully filmed! And some really big natural trials.

This video is beyond words. Amazing.

The ocean shots…Wow…:D:D:D

Amazing! Epic riding and a well put together vid.

That was awesome. Awesome awesome awesome, can’t say my fave part. But it was nice to see the muni crankflip tiregrab gaps. The natural trials were huge. This is the only natural trials vid I have EVER enjoyed. Very nicely done. I hope you give your uni a good wash after being in salt water tho.

And ya, some of the shots were beautiful. Now all you need is a camera man, better music… and to join the team :stuck_out_tongue:

Loved it! The coastal scenery was great to watch, really different from the norm. Your skill left me breathless!

Absolutely stunning video! Some of the best stuff I’ve ever seen. I didn’t have the sound turned on, though, 'cause I was listening to some other music, but if it was Sigur Ros I guess it was good as well…