Wild sucess in China

One-wheelers, nimen hao.

I just returned from Beijing where I spent a few days with the hosts of Unicon
X, to be held in Beijing in the year 2000. Guess where — in the National
Olympic Sports Center, where the Asian Games were held! To make a long story
short, this trip was VERY successful. I am now preparing a webpage with lots of
pictures of the facilities and a descriptioin of the trip, so please hold your
breath for a couple of days.

Here is a quick preview – some of our WILDEST dreams will come true. We could
have a unicycle event or show guess where – YES – in Tenanmen Square! BTW, I
gave quite a few shows in Tenanmen Square yesterday afternoon, with huge crowds
watching. Pictures will be available soon.

News Flash! Tickets to China and accommodations will be real cheap – probably
less than $800 from the US. Start saving now.

More soon.

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